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I just can't keep track...of myself

Well, it appears as if I'm as terrible at blogging about this journey as I am with tracking. That's not to say I have not been on track, but I just find it so tiresome to track my food, my activity, my thoughts, my anything sometimes. Life gets in the way, I sit at a computer all day and fear the wrath of corporate America watching over me. I probably shouldn't be blogging now, but I'm on my lunch break.

I've been staying ahead of the day by planning out my meals like this:

I've been trying to cook more healthy "comfort foods" like this:

I've had days like this:
And, I've had days like THIS:
I've been making a better attempt at keeping things in line, grocery shopping, prepping my food and meals for the week, laying out work out clothes, getting up at 5:45 to work out in the MORNING and making Saturdays my extra long work out day, when my body allows. My body has been a bitch lately.
After Halloween I had what was seemingly your run of th…