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Monday Grind

Back to the work week. Another case of the Mondays. We let a team member go at work today, so I have more duties to look forward to. Yay.

Took yesterday as a rest day since it's been so HOT in the Bay Area and I was still sore in the calves from Saturday's work out, I knew not to push it. I worked out after work on Friday and just jogged for 30 minutes, did 70 push ups. I got up early on Saturday and hit chest/back/legs. I managed to PR on a bench press, 105 pounds. It was 3 reps, but I gotta take it easy on my tendinitis. I hate it!

Again, I've been told by my PT to lay off heavy weights and any back exercises, so I'm sticking to upper body and lighter weights, higher reps. No dead lifts, no thrusts, no KB swings etc for a while :(, but I can surely work out my shoulders and upper back and glutes! I'm seriously obsessed with growing my ass. I try to squat at least 3 times a week seriously (at the rack) and try to incorporate a few body weight or light barbell move…

Just a Wednesday Workout

I really feel like I need to get into another program or start meeting with a trainer. There are days when I am strictly cardio, there are days when I work on particular body parts and there are days where I haphazardly go into the gym and do whatever I think won't make me hurt. Today was a mix of the later two.

I'm giving my legs and back a rest today and went with upper body training. I decided to focus mainly on chest and triceps with a little shoulder work. I have also made a goal for myself to do 36 push ups a day every day for the month of October. That's just 3 sets of 12, or one day, I can do more than the 20 in a row I can do now. I just have to remember to NOT end my routine with the push ups like I did today, or else I literally feel like I am pushing the world away from me. Collapse was inevitable.

It was a welcome surprise to see the weight area so empty on a Wednesday morning. I'm guessing the throes of men or sports fans who watched the wild card game la…