Just a Wednesday Workout

I really feel like I need to get into another program or start meeting with a trainer. There are days when I am strictly cardio, there are days when I work on particular body parts and there are days where I haphazardly go into the gym and do whatever I think won't make me hurt. Today was a mix of the later two.

I'm giving my legs and back a rest today and went with upper body training. I decided to focus mainly on chest and triceps with a little shoulder work. I have also made a goal for myself to do 36 push ups a day every day for the month of October. That's just 3 sets of 12, or one day, I can do more than the 20 in a row I can do now. I just have to remember to NOT end my routine with the push ups like I did today, or else I literally feel like I am pushing the world away from me. Collapse was inevitable.

It was a welcome surprise to see the weight area so empty on a Wednesday morning. I'm guessing the throes of men or sports fans who watched the wild card game last night of the A's vs the Royals were either up celebrating or crying into their whiskey and Bud Light all night. I just drowned my sorrow in mushroom ravioli.

I know, I know, carbs! Carbs are evil! "Why are you eating pasta late at night?" you may ask. Pfft. Whatever. I knew I was going to lift this morning and I had done squats earlier on Tuesday with 95 lbs, so I wanted to feed my muscles. After tracking with myfitnesspal that day, I realized I had only net about 1200 calories. That is below what my BMR is, so I knew I had some leeway to eat that night.

I am also still struggling to find that sweet spot with caloric intake. For me, I'm not losing or gaining at 1800 calories a day (wine is included in that count). All the calculators I see tell me I should be eating 2200, so I'm going to give that a go for two weeks and see where that gets me. It means more carbs, more protein and more fuel for my workouts. After my trial run, I will go back to an 1800 calorie day assuming that deficit will help my body release some fat. Fingers crossed.

Overall, I had a good workout. I could barely lift my arms while making breakfast later at the office. I still have to baby my right arm though bc of the tendinitis. I stayed with lighter weights and higher reps today.

Todays' workout:

Barbell bench press, 45#, 3 sets of 15
Overhead press, 45# 5 sets of 5
Squats, 45#, 5 sets of 12
High cable pull, 50#, 3 sets of 10
Skull crushers, 30#, 3 sets of 10
Dumb bell chest press, 20#, 3 sets of 10
Standing shoulder dumbbell press, 20# dumb bells, 2 sets of 6
Tricep overhead press, 20#, 3 sets of 10
Toe push-ups, 3 sets of 12

I pretty much felt like She-Hulk on the way out of the gym.


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