Tired of Eating Chicken

I really didn't want to get up today. I think I've worked out about 10 days in a row and may not have a rest day until Friday! I may not be able to work out all weekend due to a girl's getaway planned for my friend who is getting married in two weeks. It'll be over 90 degrees in Napa, so I don't foresee a run in my future. I know I AM getting a massage though, which I so desperately need.

I attacked shoulders today along with  some fasted cardio. I aim to do some cardio every day, some more than others. I'm going to see if that helps revs up my weight loss. So far, nothing. I'm going to give my triceps a rest day since I've been doing my dips and push ups for a week straight as well.

Today's workout: Shoulders

  • Lat pull down 2x10# @ 75, 1x10 @90#
  • Narrow grip pull down 2x10# @ 75, 1x10 @90#
  • Front lateral raise on incline bench: 3x10 @10#
  • T-raise: 3x10 @ 10#
  • Side lateral raise: 3x10 @10#
  • Seated military shoulder press: 2x10 @22.5#
  • Standing military press: 2x8 @ 22.5#
  • Upright Dumbell row: 3x8@22.5#
Fast run/walk intervals on treadmill 25 minutes

I'm still pretty pooped out by the end of the day. Hoping this protein shake ritual at breakfast helps me out. I am trying to get my protein up, but haven't mastered my macros or grasped the fact that eating over 200g of carbs a day will help me lose weight. I'm prepping chicken a million different ways too. And speaking of chicken: I AM TIRED OF EATING CHICKEN.


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