Rest Day!

high protein breakfast
Part of my 42g protein breakfast on Wednesday
I'm really trying this moderation thing. After working out for many consecutive days the past two weeks, the end result is not heaps of energy and a looser waistband. It is exhaustion. It is hunger. It is craving naps and carbs. At least for me. 

The way the schedule works in my house is that Thursdays are rest days. The BF and I skip the gym in the morning but I usually end up going at night anyway. I won't do that this week. I'll be back on the horse for Fri-Wed again, and since my legs (quads, thanks front squat) are hurting today, I'm going to actually rest.

 It feels "undeserved", since I didn't work out Fri-Sun of last week, but I need to change my mindset. Exercise is something I do because I enjoy it. It is not a means to an end. The journey never ends. I won't wake up six  months now and upon seeing pure satisfaction in the mirror one morning (a girl can wish), simply stop all that I'm doing. 

I'm not a slave to the routine and I'm not going to penalize myself for taking time to relax. I've got plenty to keep me busy tonight after work anyhow. I'd like to go up in weight on the barbell next week (40lbs) with my sets and be able to bench press this weekend. I think that if I stick to my core compound movements, I'll continue to move forward somehow. Dead lifts, bench press, overhead press and pull up work is the name of the game. Add in some push-ups, cardio, ab work and something, anything please change on me physically!

You don't have to spend hours at the gym during cardio. I'm hoping this is right. I keep thinking back to when I lost 20 lbs all I felt like I did was run. Well, that wasn't really working this time around. 

I feel like this image conveys the truth in a path towards success. There is not only ONE type or kind of success. There are many times we may fail, but in the end, we will always win at something.


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