A Week of the Gym

It's been a long week. I spent most of yesterday fixing everyone else's sloppy work or errors. I hate it when my job depends on the competency of others. Especially when it is non-existent. I slept in til 6:30 am (I know, the LUXURY!) and decided to hit the gym after work Thursday.

I really had to force myself to enjoy it last night, but getting my frustrations out at that bar is much better for me than hitting up A bar after work. I did some assisted pull ups and tricep push downs, cable pulls, bicep curls with the 35# bar and skull crushers. I also managed to do a few sets at the bench:
  1. 2x10 at 55lbs
  2. 2x8 at  75lbs
  3. 2x8 at  85lbs
  4. 2x5 at  95 lbs
I'm glad I haven't lost the ability to bench that weight with all the cardio I've been doing.  There were dudes all over though last night. I got to work out next to the mayor, that's always fun, but some of the other "dude bros" really piss me off. The slamming down of weights, the poor form, the nasty sweat on the bench no one picks up...I could go on. I hope my death stare does enough though. I will not be intimidated in the free weight section. I keep forgetting to bust out my She-Hulk status tank top. I don't feel worthy of it yet! After about 45 minutes of weights, I hit the treadmill for an easy 1.5 mi run.

I realized I only net about 700 calories yesterday, so I had some carbs in the form of kale/white bean ravioli with my rose for dinner. I didn't go over my calories, but I always feel bad about eating carbs at night. I gotta get over it. I'm also not giving up my 2 glasses of wine a night, but we'll see if that's really what is hindering me.

This morning I was back at it. 35 minutes on the treadmill at 7am. This time I'm noticing my jogging pace is going up. I used to run at a 5.0mph after the car accident last summer. Then I ran a 5.2-5.3 pace most of the time. Lately I've been hitting the 5.5-5.7mph range with the occasional bursts at 6.0mph. My goal is have my 5 minute running intervals be 6.0mph. I need to do more sprinting though. I've also been lacking on my leg days. I do a few lunges here and there with squats or good mornings, but I've been spending more time running than lifting these days.

Today we have a work event where we get out early and will be rock wall climbing. Dear lord I've never done this before...I hope I don't mess up my arms somehow. I'm one of the people actually attempting to climb. Who the hell have I become? I don't do team building crap! I got suckered in by the fitness.

I swear, I still have the upper body strength of a tyrannosaurus.


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