Weddings, Workouts and Wine

My lovely veggie plate.
That was my weekend. Apparently it's taken me 3 days to recuperate! I got to see one of my very best friends get married last Saturday and had a wonderful vegetarian reception to enjoy as well afterwards. I made sure to partake in everything and not feel any guilt!

I took Sunday as a rest day and met up with some friends for a bit before doing a quick essentials only grocery run. I didn't do a whole lot of meal prep outside of boiling some eggs and making 3 lunches with brown rice/ground turkey with taco seasoning. I am falling in love with grilled scallions though...but I digress.

Monday was back at the gym for 3 miles on the treadmill but my lower back is acting up again so it was a slow 3 miles. Tuesday was squats, chest and tricep day. I finally made my way to the big girl squat rack at my Monday-Friday gym near work. It's usually overrun with guys who take way too long or the rare girl who hogs it for squats and lunges. Tuesday that girl was me.

I did a few ass to grass reps with just the bar and then added 10lbs. I have to start slow, but we all gotta start somewhere. Hopefully in a few months I'll smile at all the weight I've begun to pile on the bar...

I'm now using 40/45lb barbells for my overhead press and skull crushers. This excites me. It's a real chore just getting to 8 reps, but I'm building strength. I don't really see any progress in my arms (I swear they are getting bigger and that is NOT what I want!) but I feel stronger. 

My hips are really tight though and I'm realizing I really need to get some yoga back into my life regularly. A few stretches here and there help a tiny bit, but I need a good hour long class to really help me back into the habit. Today I started with some assisted pull ups and tricep dips at 70lb resistance. I ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes and then did some leg raises. Tonight I aim to go to the gym again after work for a warm up and then some arm/shoulder work. Light weight, high rep day.


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