Such Great Heights

This morning I successfully chugged down a scoop of protein powder with only water and ice. Not as gag worthy as I thought it would be. Baby steps. I've worked out for 8 days straight now. I need to take it easy. Granted, I'm only working out about 45-50 minutes each workout, so I should be ok. I've tried to keep some variety in there too.

Friday I had my work event and lo and behold, I attempted to rock wall climb. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I seem to have selective fear of heights. Sometimes I'm fine, other times I get all freaked out and think the end of the world is near if I go up one step further.  Here's proof of my attempt:
Check out that calf!
I don't know if I'll be rushing out to get a membership to any climbing gyms any time soon, but at least I can say I did it once. My anxiety set in after I got to where that wall slanted. It doesn't look that high from this pic, but it's already about 8 feet in the air. Sweaty palms do not make for good grips! I'm proud of myself for attempting, for getting my crotch harnessed in there like a vice and using my upper body strength to not fall off the wall onto the poor woman below me. If I saw my ass barreling down towards me, I'd drop me too.

I worked out that morning at the gym with a 3 mile run. Saturday was weights, leg day. I managed to do 95lb rack pulls since I'm not too sure of my dead lift form. I also bench pressed and was thrilled to see that after a brief hiatus, I managed to bench 85/95/105 lbs. New PR! She-Hulk status was achieved. Sunday, the Spartan and I hit the gym again, and I did a easy jog/3 mi run.

This morning I did NOT want to move. I've been so tired and I just keep pushing myself. Back at the gym by 7am before work. Today's work out:
25 intervals on the bike
lat pull downs and narrow grip pull downs 2x10 75#, 1x10 90#
tricep dips 3x8
leg raises 4x8
push ups 10, 12. 15, 10

All that equaled about a 300 cal burn.


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