Friday Shoulder Workout

This week has seriously been the longest.week.ever. I am excited to do NOTHING this weekend. All I plan to accomplish is the gym, a few naps, grocery shopping and house cleaning. After two crazy weekends in a row, mama needs some down time. The hermit in me cries out.

I ended up taking a full rest day yesterday. Who am I kidding to think I'll actually make it to the gym during lunch or after work sometimes? My hatred of a packed gym and hunger override the desire to go. It happens. If you're starving and sore, chances are your body will thank you for not going to work out.

After work we've been having lots of protests downtown so my natural instinct is to get the hell out of here as soon as possible to avoid any public transit delays. Once I get home, it's all snuggles with my dog, dishes and getting dinner ready. I just can't motivate hard enough (yet) if I don't work out in the morning. I still can't shake this constant exhaustion.

Today was shoulders and a little back action. I had originally intended to do some running, but figured tomorrow will be leg day and some cardio, so today was arms. I was craving some muscle building. The fact that I can barely lift my protein shake right now means I did something right. I worked on rotator cuff strengthening too. Ever since my car accident I have the now wonderful affliction of a rib that pops out or upper/lower back aches. My goal is to grown and strengthen the muscles around my shoulder blades and core to help with that.

All through my workout though I noticed my gloves STANK. Seriously. I had no idea hand sweat could turn so odorous while sweaty gym gloves sit in your already moistened gym bag. I cannot wait until my gym bag deodorizers get here from Amazon. I feel so funkmaster flex. And tomorrow I will be sore. Time to protein up!

Friday Workout:

  1. Arnold Presses 2x10 @15lbs, 2x10@22.5
  2. Incline Y Raise 3x10 7.5lbs
  3. Incline W Raise 3x10 @ 10lbs
  4. Front incline dumbbell raise 3x10 @10lbs
  5. Reverse Flies on the bench, 2x10 @10lbs
  6. Single arm row, 3x10 @22.5lbs
  7. Lying single dumbbell french press, 3x10 @20lbs
  8. Chest press, 10 reps, 15lb, 22.5lb, 25lb
  9. Upright rows, 3x10 @15lbs
  10. Standing shoulder press, 3x10@15lbs
  11. 90 degree dumbbell external rotation 3x10 @5lbs
  12. Side raises 3x15 @5lb
  13. Simultaneous combo front/side raise 3x15 @5lb


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