Cutting out Wine to Lose Weight

Ok, so this is one thing I simply won't do. At least for now. Let me whine about my wine for a bit. Call me crazy, say I don't "want it bad enough" or have no self-control, but I love my glass (or 2) of wine at night. The past 5 days though, I have been very good and only had 1 glass per night. Well, there was one night I had two, but I hadn't eaten as much during the day and I just simply wanted some more.

The one thing about diets I hate is the restriction. I hate authority. Well, I hate shitty authority, but if I know if it's for my best interest, I'll deal with it. Same with diets. I know that I can cut out drinking and lower caloric intake, but I also know I've lost weight while indulging on it as well. Balance is key, as it is with everything else in life.

I'm not noticing any dramatic changes or shifts in my mentality though. I eat my dinner before my wine so I can digest it first, then I drink tons of water. This is making it hard for me to sleep through the night with a gallon of pee knocking on heaven's door at 3 am. I am nursing that one glass though as well. I'm really appreciating it and letting it stretch out for a good 30 minutes.

I will have my weigh in for week one on Monday. Since I don't plan on going hog-wild this weekend like last weekend, I'm optimistic of the scale. I think taking baby steps to not drinking wine every night is important. I want to gradually feel the need less and less rather than have the glass ripped out of my hand. My next step is to choose 1 day a week where I do NOT have wine. I will have to pick this day very carefully, that's all I can say.


  1. I need to work on that too--but with cheese... Because sudden restriction doesnt work for me and it just becomes more of a problem... I rebel with babybel


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