Wrap it Up 2014

When I last checked in, (over a month ago, eek!) I had some goals to cut down on my wine intake. Let's be honest, it's the holidays, and going cold turkey was not going to happen. It didn't happen. I'm ok with it. What I did do, was practice more moderation and it worked. I made an effort to not go hog wild at a Christmas brunch even, bringing a water bottle to hydrate between sips of bad champagne. The BF even noticed. I'm growing.

I started out strong in December.  I lost about 6 lbs from the beginning of November and my coach was impressed. I was working out, lifting weights, cutting back to one glass of wine a night and eating less at night, along with eating earlier at night. This worked wonders. Simple, doable steps.

Then, for some reason, mid-December and Christmas week hit and I was sort of hanging on by a pinky toe on the wagon. I wasn't fully off, but I was pretty damn close. I had happy hours. I gained a pound or two, I lost that pound or two. I haven't lost any weight in two weeks and I guess I'm ok with that. I logged my weight today and it was the same as last time. That is a victory in my book. I've loosened the grip on the diet program and snuck some more wine in there. I bought cheese. I didn't have any cheese in the house for about 5 weeks. Then, suddenly I was the proud owner of lite Irish cheddar, mozzarella, and light shredded mozzarella. Some of which was under the guise of "But I want that for new years!" or "I need it for that Christmas monkey bread I'm making!" And so it went, and so it goes...It's still sitting there in my fridge and if I want a little piece, I have it. I'm not going to beat myself up over it. The last few days of the year I refuse to stress about the weight though.

The fates threw me for another loop this month, in terms of showing me my age or lack of form in lifting perhaps. My right arm tendinitis will not go away, and I've seemingly stressed my rotator cuff, which in turn has created a sharp pain in my right clavicle muscle (my subclavius). I can't put any pressure on my right side (no side planks), I can't carry weights down (tendinitis) and I can't lift weights UP on my right side (any dumbbell work), so I pretty much am off the lifting program for a good two weeks...just to start. This hurts, both physically and mentally. I won't whine about it, but it just sucks to start the new year off maimed.

We're also planning a quick getaway to Hawaii in a few weeks and I was hoping to confidently strut my stuff and award tickets to the gun show to passerbys on the beach, but alas, my guns are shrinking. Pew pew. I've started to just focus on cardio and befriend my arch-nemesis-- the stair master--again. I'm just alternating between that, the elliptical (again, gripping is an issue for righty) and jogging. All of which I still have to take into consideration the repetitive movements and gauge how my shoulder/arm reacts to it. Wah. The struggle is real.

All in all, I'm sustaining, but on a modified routine. Starting in January, I will be back on track. We have no plans for New Year's, so my "goal" dress will have to be pushed to a later date. I fit into it (a medium nonetheless!) but have nowhere to wear a backless, lace dress on the fly. However, we ARE having a dinner and show in February to see my favorite Rufus Wainwright, so perhaps I will put my phone on vibrate and make fancy for him. To be continued...


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