Finding Flexitarian

I realized today I have a new favorite Starbucks drink. I also realized it is the longest name to ever order: "Sugar-free, Cinnamon Dolce Nonfat Coffee Frappuccino." That, my friends, is a mouthful --albeit a delicious mouthful. It's my latest obsession at around 110 calories for a tall. It's better than 200 cal for my beloved pumpkin spice latte though...the sacrifices I make.

I'm stuck in the land of cardio these days. A bit of overuse or who knows what I did to my forearm, has given me some pain and therefore I'm laying off of any weight training :(. I can't even do dips or push ups really without straining my arm and causing inflammation and pain. It sucks, plain and simple.

With my back being moody as well, I have to go easy on the treadmill and watch my movements. My "let's go September!" momentum has faded. I don't feel any closer to dropping a pants size, nor am I making any strength gains this month. I'm just in sustaining mode. Not gaining, not losing. Again.

One change I made this month is eating less meat. I don't really eat red meat anymore and I am going to see if this helps my digestion, my diet and how I feel. If I don't feel better doing this, I'll go back. I am trying to not really buy any meat this month (just use up what I have in the freezer/fridge) and only eat it at one meal during the day, usually lunch. A usual for me is Trader Joe's "Healthy Ham" with some eggs for breakfast, or organic boneless/skinless chicken thighs from Costco for lunches and some ground turkey for my tacos or as a snack post-workout. Time to kiss them good bye.

I have kicked up my fish intake though, so here I am welcoming in all those Omega-3's, Mr. Salmon. Hopefully I can get to a point where maybe I'll eat meat once in a while, or only while out. I'm trying to not freak out over "where is my protein coming from??" or FOF (Fear of Farting) from so many beans/veggies, but it will get me to be creative with how I feed and fuel my workouts. I guess we'll just have to see how this Flexitarian/Pescatarian world treats me.


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