Hungry Like the Wolf

Perhaps I should title my 2015 entries as 80s songs? Alas, too much pressure.

I just finished my lunch. I'm amazed at myself that I only hate 75% of it, considering I was starving around an hour ago. I don't claim to know everything about weight loss, but I know one thing, I'm trying to not stress about what I eat. I'm also trying really hard to listen to my hunger cues, as well as my "I'm full even though there's food left!" cues.

I had a smoothie today for breakfast along with a skinny caramel latte from the 'bucks. See, I drink caffeine AND have dairy. I chugged my water and got wrapped up in work and by 12 I was starving. I know I'm heading to a happy hour tonight (see, I DRINK too!) so I'm trying to budget my calories. I tried to keep within a normal range of carbs since it's my day off from the gym and I don't need a TON of calories, but I need enough to help me recover and feed my muscles. See, it's about balance.

I'm trying to not count calories or obsess over things, but I figured out my calorie intake via this handy online Calorie Calculator. I'm basically eating at a 20% deficit right now, which would equal about .9lbs loss a week. This is pretty much on point based on your goals. It's a LOT less than what I was eating before, and I don't want to restrict anymore, so I hope I don't plateau for a while.

I had brought some cheese and crackers to munch on today (portioned out) but haven't touched them yet. I had some tomato soup with a small square of focaccia (bread!) and some chopped chicken breast to throw on a bed of butter lettuce. Doesn't seem like much, but I couldn't finish the soup to my surprise. I was just kind of...done. So I here I sit, staring at my perfectly portioned 8 pita crisps (omg, carbs!) and cheese and feel ok without them. I may not even eat my meal bar for a late snack either.Normally I go by the "If I have it, I'm gonna eat it" mentality, but today I'm not. This is a big step. I may not be this way tomorrow, but for today I'll take it.

I weighed myself this morning on MY scale, and it was only a pound off from the I guess I feel ok knowing I am indeed losing weight. While eating real food. Imagine that.


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