Making a Beeline for the A-Line

Motivation. I hate this belly.
I never knew an A-line skirt would make me feel like such a stuffed sausage. I ventured out to Target a few weeks ago in search of a corporate presentation-ready outfit for work. I figured, what's better for my curvy figure than a nice Mad Men inspired A-line skirt? First of all, I was shocked to have to size up to a 14 because of my belly girth. Ugh. Usually I'm a 10-12 in skirts. This was a jaw dropper, and not in the good way.

It's a comfortable enough skirt, but it does not stretch. Bending down or sitting is pretty constrictive. I'm usually in loose flowy skirts these days, since I'm just so used to that material post surgeries. Now that my hernia is cleared up, I'm digging into the land of waistbands again - and painfully realizing how large my waistline has become again as well.

I was pretty good this past week though - slowly making changes to accommodate working out again. I left work half an hour early to meet up with my chiropractor on Friday - who then never showed up. I hate that. He's got a valid excuse, but when it costs me over $10 and 2.5 hours of my day to deal with a 15 min appointment, it really chafes my ass, pardon my French.

I wore my work out clothes there though, fully intending on working out around 7pm when I got back to Oakland. I did just that. Some weights, some elliptical, then I got home. Saturday I did my water aerobics class for the first time in a while, and boy did my shoulders kill. I had a hair cut appt in the city and met up with a friend for some day drinking though. I grabbed half a turkey subway sandwich for lunch and pretty much drank my calories for the day - shame on me. I was that girl on the train stuffing her face with a messy taco. I was a messy taco.

I had my first massage (deep tissue) since the car accident on Sunday and while it was amazing, it pretty much made me sore for about 3 days after. I fully knew I would be taking Monday and/or Tuesday off to recover. My back and left side were just too tender.

Yesterday at work I actually left my desk to go to the gym for 25 minutes and do a weights workout. I figured since I have a chiro appointment after work, I can at least do some weight training if not a full work out. Biceps and back were done! I got a good adjustment on my back and today I hope to work out after work with minimal pain. It's supposed to be...LEG DAY. I see a few sets of lunges, squats, dead lifts, leg curls, leg extensions and the good ole leg press in my future. Afterwards, if I can still walk, it'll be 20 minutes on the treadmill for some light cardio.

I may re-read the 4 Hour Body again by Tim Ferriss. I don't whole heartedly agree with it, but we'll see if slow carb is an option for me. My chiro managed to lose 23 pounds in 7 weeks. I know, right? While it may not be the same for women, I can only hope to slim down a bit before my friend's wedding in about 5 weeks. Man, time flies.


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