Slow Carb?

Well, it seems as if I've been slow to update the past few days. Fear not, I have been working out and watching what I eat still! I had a great workout this past Saturday at the gym with weights and cardio, then spent the night at one of my friend's houses making them a wonderful home cooked meal with my famous meatballs and some angel hair pasta. Yes, there was wine, and yes I indulged in some pasta, but after a hard work out and only 2 protein bars that day, I ate my fair share.

Sunday I spent cleaning and prepping food, sauteed ground turkey, chicken legs, green beans, boiled eggs, salads galore for my week ahead. I am trying to ease my way off dairy and carbs for a bit. White carbs I should mention, no wheat, rice, potatoes or junk. I'll enjoy beans and nuts and plenty of veggies.

I noticed that I really like the worst fruits for weight loss, go figure! I know fruit is better than sugar and no one got fat by eating bananas and pineapples, but I figure I may try taking a break for a bit to see if it helps my weight loss.

I started to re-read the Four Hour Body and am thinking next week I will begin. The whole "slow carb" idea isn't completely lost on me, but I know cutting out ALL carbs for myself just doesn't have the same effect on my body as it did 10 years ago. I have leftover foods that only I will eat and some dairy, so I refuse to waste them. I've cut down to carbs at only one meal per day and am chugging water like a fiend all day at work. (By the way, my dermatologist said my skin looked great at a recent appointment this week -- it must be the Oil of Olay and H2O!)

My schedule just hasn't allowed me to get back into hot yoga yet, what with the chiro 2x a week and me actually being social on weekends again. This whole month my Saturdays are booked with old friends I haven't seen in forever. I am making the effort to reach out even though I hate the way I feel in clothes or social situations. I've been through the cycle before, and I know it will end. Baby steps.

Yesterday I squeezed in a 20 min leg work out with leg curls, leg extensions, weights squats and some quick bicep curls. It's better than nothing -esp since I had a business meeting during my lunch and a chiro appt right after work. I'm just so exhausted lately. Not sure why. I am eating so much spinach (iron!) and juicing and chomping on veggies, chugging water, working out -- I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not fueling myself properly again. I tend to shy away from anything but meat and lettuce when I'm trying to lean out. Perhaps I shouldn't feel so bad about that tiny sliver of frozen pizza I'm planning to eat tonight...We'll see.


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