Day 2: Starting Slowly

Well, I won't say I failed yesterday, since I knew I was going to have pizza for lunch, but the guilt set in. I have a co-worker doing the Whole 30 diet who cannot really eat anything offered in the normal/fast/cheap realm of food. Office catered lunches are usually a bevvy of starch, sugar and carbs galore. I admired her discipline to bring her own food and sit out the staff birthday lunch. My office has gotten better about healthy lunches since I started, but this month's luncheon was focused on red velvet cake and pizza. I had a side salad and limited my selection to two small pieces. I sat with another coworker who was on a diet who only had a plate filled with salad and hot wings. I felt bad for letting myself enjoy pizza.

I felt that I "failed" at 3 pm though when I had a third piece. I knew I wasn't working out that night because I had a chiropractor appointment after work, but I also don't want to trap myself in a mentality of "you can't eat anything evil!". I wanted a snack, I knew I wouldn't eat til past 8pm and I wanted something to last me the commute to and from the chiro. I ate the damn pizza, now I moved on.

No food is evil. Too much food causes problems. One day of having pizza isn't going to derail my efforts, but I can't shake the guilt. I had wine when I got home. I said I would have a green juice for dinner and I didn't. I had brown rice pilaf and some leftover chicken I fried the night before. When I lost weight the first time, I still had wine. I still ate sandwiches - the most unholy food of all. Imagine all the carbs and condiments and processed evil I put in my body! It still fueled my workouts and I still lost weight.

I know things will be slow these first 1-3 months. I won't miraculously drop 10 pounds this month since I'm eating healthily. I always eat well. I just have to focus on portion control and moving my body around more. I know I am getting more vegetables in my diet since I'm juicing. I'm taking vitamins. I'm going easy on my body. I plan to work out tonight, my usual 20 minutes of weights to 30 minutes of cardio. My back is a bit stiff, but I'll roll with it. I'll even foam roll it later.

Outside of some random side pain (I hope my right ovary isn't revolting), I feel pretty good. Now to just get through the work day...


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