Day 4: A Morning Hike

AThe BF got me up early this morning and even though last night I had several mixed drinks and wine AND thai food for lunch, the key is balance. 

I pushed through a steep 1.38 mi hike, got my heart rate up and burned 201 cal according to my HRM. 

What's a nicer reward than this good view? This is from Claremont Canyon, near the Oakland and Berkeley border. A wonderful clear morning. 
After my hike, I went to the Y. I did some weights and 20 minutes on the elliptical to get some extra cardio. It was a shoulder and back day:
Overhead raises
Front raises 5lb
Lateral Raises 5lb
Push downs 
Pull downs 65 lb 12x3
Chest Press 40 lbs 12x2

And for fun:
Glute press 60lbs at 12 reps x2
Seated Leg Press 110 pounds 12x2


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