Day 3: The Pizza Diaries

I swear, every time I start a diet, it seems as if the heavens open up and social invites for drinks and dinner and pizza fall into my lap. I am a hermit, I like my alone time and I find that sometimes social outings also test my very low will power. Sigh.

I had pizza at work this week. The BF and I have veggie frozen pizzas in the fridge for quick meals during the week when we have had a lower carb day. We ration these out, and I jazz them up with extra vegetables like frozen spinach, mushrooms, kale or a protein like tofu. I still had pizza left over from the work luncheon in our fridge and when I got home from the gym last night I was starving. I haven't been very good at planning post work-out recovery meals. I know it's only the beginning of my "new routine" again, but I gotta plan better.

I got hungry at work and ate my Luna Bar that I had planned to eat after work. I didn't bring my shaker to blend a Vega One shake (chai, anyone try it yet?) AND I didn't feel like buying at shake at the gym. Now what? Well, I came home, ripped into the fridge and ate some pizza. These are small pieces mind you, not giant NY style slices. When the BF got home, he suggested it be a pizza night. Sigh. I made it, since I was tired and not in the mood to chop veggies or plan a meal, but I rationed out 1/4 of the pizza and ate that only. I felt only mildly guilty since I did work out and well, carbs are not always the enemy. Muscles need recovery food, right?

This morning I made a breakfast smoothie with almond milk, a banana, PB2 (my love), vegan vanilla protein powder,some chia seeds and ice. I was still hungry. That left over lil piece of pizza from last night? Breakfast #2 this morning 2 hours later. I didn't pack a lunch today either since I know I'm going out after work and didn't have time to plan ahead. I'm failing miserably at this crap this week. "Fail to plan, plan to fail" rings in my head. Ugh.

I also woke up to my instagram account being disabled for this journey. Apparently I posted a picture of a salad from my other personal account and I'm banned. WTF. So, if you want to follow me on Instagram, my profile is: luckylosesit2. I guess that's ok. It was really annoying though. Thank god it's Friday. I promise, next week, I won't talk about pizza so much.


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